• 1 member led by Caiya Debre
    Group study & Discussion of I Ching oracle hexagrams
  • 4 members led by Dennis Akpan
    NHF Mission:
    We hope to house all handicapped, homeless and hungry children in Nigeria who have become attached to vagrant animals through their young and innocent journey of life. With the establishment of a school and handicraft center, NHF will...  more
  • 3 members led by Don ...
    For the Marshall
  • 9 members led by Don ...
    Study of the native American heritage of the people called black, negro, colored, and African American. The true story of the people on this land before the criminals showed up and established a fictitious corporation.
  • 4 members led by Minister John D Henry
    We will be dealing with a lot of information in this group I will not dedate with anyone ,But too give a more innerstanding into the cosmos and our universe Into A higher level ,Self Mastery Of The Spiritual Warrior.Wholeness and Balance When we think...  more
  • 8 members led by Selali Kalevor
    This group will be an will encompassing forum to discuss tips on personal finance, book recommendations, advertisements for black owned and operated businesses and general conversation of estate planning/asset building for our community.
  • 3 members led by Don ...
    For all of our latino brothers and sisters who are also in the struggle.
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    A place to share some laughter and fun. What need is balance and laughter is good medicine, as we
  • 7 members led by Don ...
    For people in business or looking for businesses to patronize. List your business, or provide information for people looking resources.
    Share information of how to keep our money and wealth, inside our own community.
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    Let's connect and inspire, encourage, teach each other to help advance and enrich our people.

    We can do so much when we are connected!

    Let's get it!